APSystems DS3-L Micro Inverter

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APsystems 3rd generation of dual microinverters are reaching unprecedented power outputs of 730VA or 880VA to adapt to today’s larger power
module. With 2 independent MPPT, encrypted Zigbee signals, the DS3-L and DS3 benefit from an entirely new architecture and are fully backwards
compatible with the QS1 and YC600 microinverters.

The innovative and compact design make the product lighter while maximizing power production. The components are encapsulated with silicone to reduce stress on the electronics, facilitate thermal dissipation, enhance waterproof properties and ensure maximum reliability of the system via rigorous
testing methods including accelerated life testing. A 24/7 energy access through apps or web based portal facilitate remote diagnosis and maintenance.

The new DS3 series is interactive with power grids through a feature referred to as RPC (Reactive Power Control) to better manage photovoltaic power
spikes in the grid. With a performance and an efficiency of 97%, a unique integration with 20% less components, APsystems DS3-L & DS3 are a game
changer to residential and commercial PV.

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