Growatt MAX 50KTL3 LV mit AFCI

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The Growatt Max 50K TL3 commercial 3-phase inverter is suitable for up to 65.000Wp PV installations. The inverter can produce up to 50.000Wp at its peak momentum and does so with an amperage of 80.5. The inverter has 6 MPP trackers with 2 connections each. This limits the voltages.

High yields

The Max version of Growatt has a power of up to 80Kilowatt. With a maximum efficient range of 99%, a maximum energy yield is achieved from commercial PV systems. The voltages are limited by using 6 MPP Trackers with double connection. The inverter can be installed on hilly and larger roof areas.


The Growatt Max 50K TL3 contains surge protection Type 2 for DC and AC. Both are protected by SPD type 2. It is possible to activate Anti-PID or ACFI function. This is an additional optional option. Inverter is delivered with protection degree IP65.

Smart inverter

The Growatt Max 50K TL3 contains a 24-hour monitoring of the DC and AC power supply. As a result, the inverter has a longer lifespan and a higher energy yield can be created. With active string problem detective, the strings of the inverter are always protected.


Intelligent 12-string monitoring and quick troubleshooting. Service time and costs are saved with Smart, Local and external maintenance. This makes the invested amount of the inverter pay back faster.


AFCI, or Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter, is a circuit breaker that protects systems from electric arcs and its consequences. This breaker distinguishes between harmless arcs from normal operation, such as the use of switches or plugs, and potentially dangerous arcs, for example as a result of faulty wiring. As soon as a potentially harmful arc is detected, the AFCI will open the circuit and interrupt the flow of electricity. This prevents fires as a result of electric arcs.


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Größe 86 × 60 × 30 cm

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