Growatt ShineLink-X

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The Growatt Shinelink-X is a new product designed to monitor and manage the PV system, storage system, heating system and EV charging. The system ensures that a maximum energy yield is achieved. More than 80% of the total energy is consumed.

Shinelink possibilities

The Shinelink makes it possible to store excess solar energy, for example by starting the hot water tank. It is even possible for the Shinelink to turn off targeted consumers at low solar energy production, resulting in a lower electricity bill.


The Growatt Shinelink collects data that is sent in real time over the internet to the Growatt Shineserver platform where the data from the Shinelink is stored. This makes the user aware of the system status at any time. The Shineserver offers real-time access to electricity consumption and solar energy data via your web browser, smartphone or tablet.

The Growatt Shinelink together with the Shineserver ensures a smarter way of energy consumption in the house.


The Growatt Shinelink contains simple installation through plug & play commissioning. This saves the installer on time & money. RF communication for wireless control and direct data exchange for router via RJ45. Data can be viewed based on date & time. Think of days, months and weeks.

A total of 8 inverters can be combined with the Shinelink-X